2019-01-01 Monday M. Interm Bang Gang
2019-01-01 Monday Coed Interm A Phat Barrelz
2019-01-01 Monday Coed Interm B The Big ChetA
2019-01-01 Monday Coed Friendly Floppers FC
2019-01-01 Tuesday M. Competitive United FC
2019-01-01 Tuesday M. Interm A Mutiny FC
2019-01-01 Tuesday M. Interm B Isco Disco
2019-01-01 Tuesday M. Over 30 Interm Outcasts
2019-01-01 Wednesday Coed Friendly B TIS Rejects
2019-01-01 Wednesday Coed Interm A Chuck Norris's Children
2019-01-01 Wednesday Coed Interm B Dragon Slayers
2019-01-01 Wednesday Coed Friendly A Rebelution
2019-01-02 Thursday Ladies Competitive McLovin
2019-01-02 Thursday Ladies Intermediate 32 Kids & Counting
2019-01-02 Thursday Mens Intermediate Old Guys
2019-01-01 Saturday Coed Friendly Not Fast but Furious
2019-01-01 Saturday Coed Intermediate (tie) The juicers
2019-01-01 Saturday Coed Intermediate (tie) Misc