Face Mask are required to enter our facility
Face masks must remain on at ALL times while in the facility regardless of social distancing.
The practice of social distancing is REQUIRED at ALL times while in the facility.
ONE (1) SPECTATOR PER PLAYER  (this is temporary).
We reserve the right as a private facility, to ask any team, rental, or individual to leave our facility who refuses to wear a mask and wear it correctly according to our guidelines.
  • Our staff will monitor entry into the facility.  You will not miss the start time of your activity.  If there are groups scheduled before you, any current groups on courts/ fields must be exiting before other athletes are allowed on the court/field. Please be courteous to others and exit the facility as quickly as possible.
  • We strongly recommend everyone sanitize as they enter/exit the facility.  Sanitizer is provided at the front desk and throughout the facility for your convenience.
  • If you are feeling ill or experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms we request that you stay home (


Nexus TLT is a Mobile Unit laser tag operation that provides the most advanced tactical laser tag gear on the market. Nexus is not your typical laser tag, Nexus brings the most popular FPS video games to life. Nexus can play indoor or outdoor, day or night to customize any event. Nexus has multiple packages available for any event. Some fun features are:

  • Customized timed events with great laser tag action supervised by a Coach.
  • Capable of running up to 32 players at one time.
  • Sound system to fill the full effects of the UAV’s, Helicopters and even Nuclear blasts depending on the elimination streak.
  • Blinds, Walls, and Inflatables are available as needed for your playing experience.
  • Popular game types available (Battle Royale, Capture the flag, Domination, King of the Hill, VIP, Infection, Gun Game, Etc.)
  • Scoreboard to allow easy visual for who won and who was the top performer

Battle Rifle Equipment
Bluetooth and wireless technology built into our taggers so you don’t have to worry about heavy bulky vests or connection wires. Over 2000 different sound effects that make playing our games feel like you are in a movie.

The taggers are lightweight but sturdy enough to have an interactive fun gaming experience for any age. Powered red/green dot scope to help you with accuracy. Our amazing sound feedback and vibration feedback you will know exactly how you are doing during game play.

We have over 50 game styles to choose from with auto respawns, kid modes, revive mode, where other players can revive a teammate and provide ammo and our fun infect mode where red players must survive the infection (green players). When a red player is eliminated, he joins the infected team and must try to eliminate the rest of his old teammates. Do you think you can survive?

Our games and course set up is designed to be customizable to your event. You provide the players and we bring everything you need for a great event.

Laser tag parties will consist of 2 hrs in the party room w/ 1 hr of laser tag. Party can have as many attendees as wanted but will have a 16 gun limit that will be provided (extra guns available for an extra cost per gun). Total cost: $320.

Call 801-553-0096 for more information