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Technical. First touch, dribbling/ball control, passing and receiving, shooting, ball striking, heading (depending on age)

  1. Tactical. 1v1, up to 7v7 numbers up and down situations in an environment where players will increase speed of thought and gain an understanding of play in both attacking and defending scenarios.
  2. Total player.Master skills needed for  attacking and defending. Making runs, clearing space, game awareness, shutting down an opponent, and using proper angles.
  3. Physical.  Maximize speed and agility with and without a ball. Increase endurance, anaerobic capacity and decrease risk of injury.
  4. Mental.  Mental toughness and grit through hard work, emotional control and overcoming adversity the game brings.


  • Our Smart Soccer clinic is designed for the recreation, intermediate, competitive and serious soccer player. Players are grouped by age and/or skill level. We will focus on individualized player development building a solid foundation in technical ability improving first touch, confidence with ball at their feet, attacking and defending 1v1s, along with passing and receiving. Always translating the day’s skill development to small sided games.
  • They will be challenged in skill work development and will apply what they learn in small-sided games.
  • At our Clinic, players are constantly placed in demanding decision making situations in tight spaces to help increase speed of thought and quickness on the ball.
  • We provide the most inclusive Soccer Clinic training, including technical skills, total player development, strategic, physical and mental training, and an encouraging learning environment, so that players will be students of the game and make the most of their training experience!
  • Other important information: Players need to always bring indoor flats, shin guards, ball, and a water bottle.

*Because we secure our trainers based on the number of sign ups, there are NO refunds

Monday, May 25

9:30 - 11:30 am

Ages 4-13

$39 per person