Due to rising cases of COVID-19 in the area Open Play for November 6 is canceled!

Hope to see you next week!

Friday Nights


NO Spectators-verified paid players allowed entrance

Open Play fees are non refundable nor transferrable.

Registration links become available the day prior to Open Play.

As a friendly reminder cleats are not allowed on our fields and all players participating in open play must be at least 16 years old.

Players suspended for adult league play will not be allowed to participate in open play.

Session 1: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm -CANCELED

Session 2: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm-CANCELED

Are You Registering More Than 1 Person For An Open Play Session?

If so, please keep in mind that you cannot run the same credit card within the same hour for the same dollar amount.   To avoid getting a registration error, you can register yourself for all desired sessions then either, wait an hour to pay for your friend's registration on your same card or use a different card.


1 - Teams will consist of 8 players.

2- Each game will last 8 minutes.

3- The winner of each game will stay on the field.  The losing team rotates off.

4- If a team wins 3 consecutive games they will be rotated off.

5- If the game ends in a tie, the team that has been on the longest will rotate off.  If there is a rotation of 4 teams than both teams will rotate off in a tie.

6 - All players participating in the Adult Session must be 16 years of age or older and show a valid ID.

7- All players participating must check in at front desk and receive an appropriate session wristband. Players without the correct wristband are not allowed on the field.

8 - Be courteous of other players on the field - not all players will be the same skill level.

9 - Our first priority is the safety of our athletes followed by everyone having fun.

10 - No slide tackling!

11 - These are pick up style games, so they are not refereed.  Call your own fouls and be honest.

Anyone not obeying these rules will be asked to leave.