Adult Soccer League


Co-Ed, Men, Women

We give priority to existing teams playing in our leagues.
will open for new teams 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline.
If you are interested in registering a new team or if the registration is closed, please email Brandon at


This division is reserved for skilled and experienced players with the ability and desire to compete hard with good sportsmanship at a higher level than intermediate.


This division is tailored to players with higher levels of skill and experience who desire to play at a challenging level without the seriousness of the competitive league. The focus is on competing hard with good sportsmanship.


This league is designed for players who are more advanced than the beginning league who desire more competition and structure in the game.


For new, developing, or recreational players who desire a mild level of play. The focus is on FUN and becoming better at the game with a low key environment consisting of other players who want to come out and have a good time while getting a great workout.  If your team is dominating the league in this division, it will require an automatic move to a higher division.


There will be a championship game between the 1st and 2nd place teams based on the standings of the first 7 games.  All subsequent teams will play in a placement game (3rd vs. 4th, 5th vs. 6th), etc.  The winner of the championship game will earn an award.  If the league has an odd number of teams, the championship game will be decided based on the first 6 games.  Soccer City works to make the last games competitive with a team that is similar in skill level. In the event there is a tie, the tiebreakers rules in descending order are as follows: (1) Head to head (2) Score difference (3) Scores against (4) Scores for. You lose 3 points if you forfeit. If the Championship game ends in a tie, the teams will select three players to take part in a shootout. If the game is still tied after three kicks from each team, the game will continue with a each team selecting another player to take a kick as a golden goal in each round. Only the players on the field at the end of the game will be allowed to participate in the kicks. A player may take a kick again once all of his teammates have taken their turn in sequence. The referees will flip a coin with a designated captain of each team to determine who kicks first. The away team will call the coin toss.


Each team will have 8 games. The 1st game is scheduled and posted as soon as possible but due to late registrations, etc., we post the first game at least 48 hours before the date and time of the game. The next 6 games are then posted within 72 hours of the first game in case we need to remove a team or modify the league a team is in. The last game (Championship Games) is posted within 48 hours after the 6th or 7th game and will be based on standings as mentioned above. Every league has games between 5:30 PM to 11:35 PM. We do our best to give teams at most two early (before 6 PM) and two late games (11 PM & later) and the rest in between. If your team has more than this, please let Brandon ( know and we will fix the schedule. If your team requests all early games or all late games, we will do our best to accommodate. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any requests to have all games between 7 PM to 10 PM due to the complexities of the schedule. If there are an odd number of teams in the league, you may have a bye one week and a double header another week.


• Must be registered with the Soccer City Office in order to play within the facility.
• Must sign a waiver or have a legal guardian sign a waiver on their behalf.
• Must have a picture taken within the last two years on file.
• Players are allowed to play on only one team per league, per session and must be rostered on the team.
• Rostered players may play as a substitute on another team only after receiving approval from management of Soccer City.
• Players are allowed to play in more than one division only after receiving approval from management of Soccer City.

• To play in an adult league you must be 16 years old or older and show a government issued photo ID to play.

• To play in the over 30 you must be 30 years old or older during the session played.
• To play in the over 35 you must be 35 years old or older during the session played.


• A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to register a new team and secure a place on a league.

• All existing teams must pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure a place on the upcoming league.
• All teams must be paid in full by their first game.


• There will be an additional $50 “Drop Out” Fee (in addition to your non-refundable deposit) to any team that drops out of a league once the first game is scheduled.
• If a team drops out after the session has started the team will be responsible to pay $75 per game played in addition to the non-refundable deposit.

Monday Mens
Starts October 29th | $550 + $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline To Register Is October 24th


Monday Coed
Starts October 29h | $550 + $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline To Register Is October 24th


Tuesday Mens
Starts October 30th$550 + $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline to register is October 25th or until registration is full


Tuesday Mens Over 30
Starts October 30th | $550 + $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline to register is October 25th or until registration is full

Wednesday Coed
Starts November 7th | $550 plus $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline to register is November 2nd or until league is full


Mens Over 30/35 Wednesdays
Starts November 7th
*Deadline to register is November 2nd or until league is full

Thursday Womens
Starts October 18th | $500 plus $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline to register is October 15th

Thursday Mens
Starts October 18th | $550 plus $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline to register is October 15th


Saturday Coed
Starts October 20th | Summer Special $450 plus $15 ref fees per game to be paid by team
*Deadline to register is October 16th

To register for our leagues, please select a play day and click on the appropriate division to register your team.  All players must be at least 16 years old to participate in our Adult Leagues. The $100 down payment to reserve a team spot is non-refundable and non transferrable.  Keep in mind that our schedules may adjust slightly from time to time. Please check online for the most up to date schedule.  If there are any changes made within the week of the game, we will let the team know via email of a change to their upcoming schedule. Please visit our Rules and Policies page to see all house and regulatory rules at our facility.

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If you have any scheduling needs please email them to
with your team name, after you have registered your team.

Please note: when it comes to scheduling, we strive to schedule game times as fairly as possible so that no one team receives all early or all late games but rather all teams take a turn with the field time available.